The Fantasy

In the movie Shrek, Princess Fiona is dismayed to live a life "by night one way, by day another."

The F-Word Files - Finding Fiona

She'd been patiently (sorta) waiting for her Prince Charming to arrive and break the spell when the good ogre Shrek barges in and dashes her Pixar fairytale dreams. 

I, too, have been waiting to live as a Real Writer during the day instead of hidden in the dark before dawn, hurriedly getting the words down on the page before the world wakes up and wants breakfast.

The fantasy goes like this: one fine day I’ll spend my mornings writing and eating cookies, and my afternoons playing and gathering more writing material—yay!!

Write, eat, play (Elizabeth Gilbert would be proud). Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But putting it into action, yeah, not so much.

I blame the Distraction Dragons: daily chores and interruptions, and, yes, irresistible opportunities for fun. Not to mention the gilded cage of gainful employment. There is that Nordstrom's habit to consider, after all.

Even weekends are not dragon free. Behold the giant pile of laundry! The great groceries race! Save yourselves, it’s too late for me!

There was only one thing left to do: put the passion first. Write first thing in the morning—in my PJs, even better—and don’t stop until I absolutely have to or need to top off my tea.

Which means some mornings I get a real writing romp for an hour or two, while other times, a mere quickie.

But that’s okay because I thought of something the other day that let me know I was on the (forgive me) “write” track. 

I imagined marking my writing time on a calendar, some days more, some days less, and when I connect the dots, a jagged line appears like the peaks and valleys of an EKG. F-Word Files - The Fantasy

Which is fitting because when the Disney music crescendoes and the pixie dust clears, what’s revealed is a heartbeat—my writer's heartbeat and its strength is found not in quiet hours but steady motion.


Favorite Quotes:

Writing is telepathy.”
– Stephen King

Serious art is born from serious play.”
– Julia Cameron

Barbara Neal Varma is my favorite author.”
– Mom


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