Kitchen Renovations for a Noncook - Day 19

After yet another major tile oopsie, hubby declared war on Clipboard Man and his Tile Dudes—which is why our heroine worked from her at-work office yesterday. Mid-morning, he'd sent cryptic texts from the front lines: "The excuses are flying!"  

Still, the brave man of the house, king of the castle under construction, was undeterred. He told Clipboard Man he wanted it fixed TODAY, not tomorrow. "Bring in TEN men, a HUNDRED, if you have to!” he said. “CAPICHE?"

(She loves it when he gets all gangstah.) 

By high noon five workers and Clip himself were busy righting their wrongs from the previous week.

Of course, and egads, this morning Sheriff Hubby had to go into the office, leaving our heroine to face Clipboard Man and his boys on The Day After. 

Her strategy: offer chilled bottled water and sodas. That’ll show ‘em.

She's pleased to report a peaceful day. The happy-go-burping crew cleaned and swept. They added sealer to yesterday's fresh-laid tile in the master bath and kitchen. But the real reward happened just an hour ago, when Clip reported: "Um, excuse me, just wanted to let you know we've replaced the seals in the toilets."

In his hands were the empty wrappers. 

In her eyes were tears of joy.

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: "Welcome cabinetry crew! Would anyone like a soda?"

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