Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - DONE

Hallelujah! A kitchen is born! (Well, it did seem to take nine months.)Photo of completed kitchen

Yes, at long, long (wait, one more), long last, the kitchen is complete.

The man of the castle is happy and content. Even though the queen of the castle is still politely declining to cook a lot--well, beyond "serving up" this little blog-fest every now and then. Besides, all she has to do is flash him with the cool new spice rack and all is forgiven.

Of course, now they face the dreaded Stage Two: Decorating. 

But guess what, boys and girls? Our heroine has a plan. (And no, it doesn't involve more strangers with clothing issues coming into their home and eating cookies.)

Ever see that TV show American Ninja Warrior? Surprisingly, our gal is a fan.

She likes the against-all-odds challenge of the obstacle course, the stories about each contestant and why they're compelled to possibly fall short, fall into the water, and mess up their hair in front of millions.

But most of all she likes their Just DO It! attitude. Life can feel like an obstacle course sometimes, but there is joy in giving it your all, in daring to reach beyond reason. 

And so she's christened hubby and herself "decorating ninja warriors," dedicated to completing the Just-DO-it!-yourself mission to make their kitchen a place even Martha Stewart would be happy to do, er, spend time in.

There are color schemes to select, counter bling to buy, and (be still her heart) a cozy "tea bar" to set up in the butler's pantry.

And just think--this could be the start of a whole new never-ending email story for her friends.

 BLOG appétit!

Tune in for the next exciting installment: Model Home Tours and Other Ways to Steal Design Ideas and Make Them Your Own.

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