Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 9

The doorbell rang at 9:32 a.m., or "9 a.m. sharp!" in workmen's lingo. Photo of kitchen tile almost done 

Just two guys. Right away our heroine could tell there was something different: They wore matching T-shirts and their jeans fit. Hmm, they didn't look Mormon.

Stranger danger! She started to close the door.

"Wait!" the taller of the two said. "We're here to do your tile."

She eyed 'em. Keep talking.

"Sam will be here soon," he said,  

Oh. She knew Sam. Big guy with a clipboard. Come on in then.

The lads turned out to be model workers. They let her know when they were leaving for lunch, asked permission to play their radio, and wore belted jeans without mishap.

This was a little disappointing.

But just when things seemed too dull for TMZ, her gal pals came through.

One called and made her laugh for no reason.

Another sympathized with her reluctance to go potty while there were strange men in the house.

And yet another reminded her Hey, you're getting a whole new kitchen so stop pouting. (She's working on that.) 

But simply the best was the not one but two butt-dialed calls she received from a girlfriend whose talented tush shall remain anonymous. Despite several "Hello..? Hello..?s" from our heroine there was no answer, only the swish-swish-swish of a phone held captive in a jeans pocket and obviously bored enough to Phone a Friend all on its own. And even, LOL, leave a swishy voice mail. 

Five bucks and you can hear it, too. 

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: "You must have butt-dialed the wrong number."

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