Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 8

And so it begins again.

The men are back with their power tools and pull-up pants and all the noise that goes with.

The dust returns and so do the creatures of nature through the ever-open front door: flies and ladybugs and their cousins, all wanting to see the work in progress. (Our heroine KNEW this was real camping!)

There is one significant change, though. The man of the house is away on business, leaving our hero unattended and unsupervised for a week.Photo of kitchen tiling

Nobody panic.

Actually, so far so good. All by her big bad self, she's 1) slain a spider, 2) hunted and gathered her own breakfast from the wilds of McDonalds (don't judge her), and 3) even made a--wait for it--design decision. Oh yes, she did! Lead tile guy suggested removing an inch strip of carpet to bring the tile even with the wall. She said, "Yes! I concur!" Not so hard, really.

In fact, she became so confident in her Home Alone-ness she even had microwave chili for lunch with baked BBQ potato chips just like the astronauts. (Now at near 6:30 p.m. she's sorta regretting that decision.)

Then there was that, well, probably inappropriate Fun with iPhone moment when she took a stealth pic of a worker's nearly-butt-cleavage pose. She knows that was wrong.

But she also knows that hubby made it safely to his business trip destination despite today's Are-you-kidding-me?? tornadoes.

And that makes everything all right. 

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: "You can't prove that's my iPhone, Officer."

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