Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 7

It's a quiet day in the neighborhood.

The strange men and their strange pants made only a brief appearance this morning due to the tile running away yesterday to the wrong warehouse.

Once gone, the only sounds in the home office, er, "campground” were those made by our heroine and her hubby--in equal measure, by the way, which was a little disconcerting.

There was some appliance drama to break up the tedium: The refrigerator dude came out and pronounced the fridgey's circuit board DOA.

Then, so inspired, the clothes dryer went on strike and refused to get hot (insert your own jokes here). That was an easier fix. Turned out the workers hadn't reattached some gas connection gizmo so the fridge guy, still hanging around, took care of it for free and voila! Let the joy of laundry begin.

But that was all the excitement to speak of.

Sigh. Only one week in and the thrill of lunching by microwave-light is gone. Easy-throw-away plates aren't as fun as they were at Day One.

Our brave girl would give anything for some s'mores.

If only they had a campfire.

Epiphany! "Hey, Michael, wanna nuke some popcorn?"

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: Fire Safety Made Easy.

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