Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 6

Day 6 finds our hero working from home sweet home again.

It's surprisingly quiet. That's 'cause, oops, all the new kitchen floor tile got trucked to Ontario instead of Anaheim. "Our bad," the frantic contractor lady said. And so the house is bereft of booms! and bangs! and strange men without suspenders. Photo of gutted kitchen

All is calm, all is bright. Well ... except for the fridge. It was actually quite dark when our hungry girl opened it the other night. She'd braved the kitchen badlands—nothing but a concrete and drywall shell—to get to the garage, and swung open the fridge to grab a—well, let's just say “water” as opposed to that leftover half piece of Carrow's apple pie.

Lo and behold: No lighty. Not goody.

"Mi-chael!"  Fix it.

But even Magic Mike could not get it to chill again. 

So they’d formed a relay line of two and moved all the perishables to their extra, or hubby Michael’s refrigerator, already residing in the garage.

The fate of the main one is still in question, but our hero can't help but smile.  Spotting the other half of the leftover pie during the handoff will do that to a girl. 

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: "Hello, Weight Watchers?"

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