Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 5

Day 5 finds our heroine tucked away in her at-work office again.

Safe from all the kitchen chaos and workmens' lower wardrobe malfunctions.

It was decided this was best for all.

Although in her brave defense, outward change is difficult for inward people like her. They need sweet calm and stability to balance all the stuff spinning in their heads.

Which is why a good friend brought over plastic bins yesterday to categorize and hold her remaining Mom and Dad memorabilia, and our heroine “hid” in those for awhile, metaphorically speaking.

But then two near tragedies occurred: 1) the workers turned off the water without warning, making the Last Flush a mere trickle (totally justifying the practice of doing a Test Flush before any toilet transactions); and 2), reason was, they'd replaced a faulty valve on the water heater that might have made it go kablooey.

So she's back in her office today, away from home, and in an office building where the people, wall pictures and aging asbestos have not changed in the last twenty years.

It’s a government facility, after all.

Tune in for tomorrow’s next exciting installment: Name that Smell!

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