Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 28

The kitchen apocalypse is almost complete. Just cabinet doors to arrive and then the Ta da! moment shall be upon them.

Since lucky May 13, our heroine has endured butt-cleavage, "glamping" in the home office, and crooked toilets. Not to mention dust and burps that never end. 

She's been exposed to open sewer holes (still not over it!) and boomboxes playing porn instead of hits by Donny O.

Small wonder she's a little tired and hungry—uh oh, is that her cue? (She knew there was a catch!) 

Hubby assures: "I'll cook. You write."

(sniff) Really-really?

Really, really.

Bless him, and thank God, because it's with words that she truly loves to cook, and not a moment too soon. Good news: hubby’s agent wants to rep her book, too, that little murder mystery she's been slaving over these past few years instead of garnishing things. Fingers crossed that he can find a publisher hungry for it. Toes crossed he finds one that wants seconds, and thirds and--oh my, she better get busy. 

But then, if not cook, what will our heroine do in the new kitchen?

Ha, that's easy. Same thing her cute, noncooking mom did before her: dance. Tune in for the next exciting installment: It is Done.

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