Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 25

Early on in the Great Kitchen Renovation of 2013, hubby went to Valley Forge on business. But only recently did our heroine and her good husband feel they'd been through the equivalent of General Washington's dire winter’s challenge.

It all started a couple of days ago with "Harry.” He'd been sent to re-varnish cabinet doors and drawers that should've been treated right in the first place—but that’s a whole other blog.

Our heroine had expected to see another pants-challenged dude at her door but was instead greeted by a guy old enough to be her sweet ol' dad, except Dad had never looked so befuddled. 

She quickly showed him the hospitality soda and cookies.

An hour later she found Harry sitting on top of the kitchen peninsula, feet dangling, all tuckered out. 

Was he okay?

He nodded, sighed and wiped his 70-something brow. "This is a lotta work."

You are preaching to the choir, mister.

Soon after, Harry called it quits for the day (after spending 15 minutes showing her his favorite phone video game) and came back a few days later with two helpers. 

The three of them worked hard. Well, two of them worked hard while sweet ol’ Harry took lots of breaks and ate more cookies, causing hubby to later say, "Who's been sitting in my chair?" 

But worst, for all the (two) men’s labors, the cabinet surfaces weren’t looking or feeling any better. Strange little bumps and flecks still littered the drying, varnished surfaces. A discouraged hubby wanted to show her the less-than-perfect results.Photo of bumpy cabinets

She said, "I don't need to see the cabinets. One look at your sad face tells me they're not right."

And just to make darn sure, she and her man phoned a friend who came over the next day to provide her wise, been-there-done-that input.

Final answer: the cabinets went back to the shop for more repair, personally retrieved by the cabinetry business owner who confirmed, "They look shitty." 

Good news, fer sher, but all she cares about is with the owner’s promise to “make this right,” hubby’s boo-boo face is gone--yay!!

She's also ecstatic she doesn't have to confess she thinks those little bumps in the varnish were really cookie crumbs.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: Bumpy by Design and Other Kitchen Trends.

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