Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 24

Our heroine is feeling "pensive" today. She likes that word. So much better than "hormonal."

It's not that the renovation war isn't being won: As of Saturday the master bath toilet has been righteously realigned and same for the guest bath commode on Wednesday. The rest of the work marches on with only a few hiccups, maybe a belch or two. All in all, the kitchen and bathrooms’ futures looks bright.Photo of electrician working on hood

So why the highly inappropriate pout?

Because our brave gal has learned the Great Truth about home improvement: it never ends.

As the new kitchen rises from the construction dust, everything else pales by comparison. Previously just-right accessories are now, well, just wrong. The damaged carpet begs to be replaced, and she just knows she's gonna find that talcum powder-fine construction dust in shadowed crevices (hopefully not her own) for years to come.

It's not like this on TV. Oh, she's seen Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She's witnessed the show's no muss, zipless-fuss approach to home remodeling and all in one hour, by God.

She, too, wants well-groomed workers with walkie-talkies.

She wants the big bus and an applauding crowd. 

She wants the next flash of butt cleavage to be Ty Pennington's.

She feels she may have said too much.

Our heroine is suddenly pensive and quiet today. 

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: Q-Tips and Other Nifty Crevice-Cleaning Tools.

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