Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 23

This, she thought, was war.

She'd been patient. 

She'd been brave. 

She'd endured weeks of devil's dust, random burps, and near brushes with wild things from the bowels of the city's sewer system.

But by God, when they start messin' with her toilets--her tush-hugging, commemorative 50th-birthday toilets--there would be hell to pay!Photo of crooked toilet

She stared down at the latest offense: the guest bath toilet reinstalled at a rakish angle. She shivered at the implications: she'd have to learn a new toilet mount maneuver.

Obviously this was the work of men who stand half the time anyway. 

Well, she was not (awkwardly) sitting down without a fight!!

She immediately contacted the project manager and demanded that the toilets be righted and that her bathrooms restored to a surprise-free zone. 

Luckily the project manager was a fellow female with restroom needs, too. Within 15 minutes or so, our heroine received confirmation that the grand poobah owner of the tile installation company would be over in the morning to personally survey the job site/battlegrounds and start the healing process.

"Because what's most important," the fellow-female project manager assured, "is your satisfaction."

Ahh, music to our heroine's ears. And it wasn't even pornographic.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: Toilet Calisthenics and Other Ways to Exercise as You Go. 

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