Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 22

It all began innocently enough: a simple move to the living room because the casing boys needed to get sweaty back in the home office installing baseboards. Photo of new baseboards

(Our heroine wanted to stay and see what other interesting places they'd put their power tools after seeing one of the guys holster a nail gun between his clinched thighs yesterday to keep his hands free--but in a rare moment of good behavior, she decided against it.)

So she gathered her lipstick and laptop, headed into Living Room Land, and looked for a place to park. That's when she heard it--or did she? She stood still and got vewy, vewy quiet.

There! She'd definitely heard it that time. A lazy reggae song playing on the casing boys’ boom box with a porno chorus raw enough to make a truck driver hauling Harleys blush. 

Houston--er, Hustler--we have a problem. 

Not because she was shocked--hell, she'd signed worse as a sign interpreter back in the day--but she didn't think the guys would want her hangin' around within hearing or even high-five range. 

She quickly U-turned it back down the hall and ducked into the bedroom where there were no men at work except for her hard-working husband, also looking for a place to roost while the casings and baseboards work was done. 

She, of course, told him exactly what OMG, she'd just heard!

Once he figured out she wasn't flirting, he graciously looked the tawdry song up on iTunes. 

The guilty little ditty is called Point and Shoot by Pepper. Knock yourselves out.

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: iTunes by Candlelight.

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