Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 20

The sounds reach hubby’s ears like a lullaby: BAM, BOOM! POUND-POUND-POUND. 

The cabinets crew--the true men at work--are here. It's easy to see these guys know the art of proper dressing and power tools.Photo of cabinet shells installed 

Tucked safely into their back office/campground, our heroine smiles to see the blissful expression on her husband's face. 

He's so happy, in fact, he forgets himself for a moment. "Just think, honey," he says, "soon you'll have your new kitchen!" 

Suddenly you could hear a writing pen drop. 

She knew this day would come--when her hungry man's wish for her to get her Julia Child on would surface with such hopeful enthusiasm. 

After all, what sane woman wouldn't stand in the middle of a brand spanking new kitchen and not have the sudden urge to make strudel? 

But the truth is ... she'd rather write about it.

Still, he's cute and she wants to match his enthusiasm so she flashes her get-out-of-jail-free smile and says, "I know! Very exciting!" 

Besides, she can always borrow her friend’s near-naked-lady apron. Wear that and nothing else and hubby'd let her have Domino's deliver three nights in a row.

Of course, she better let him answer the door. 

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: Leftover Pizza: Not Just for Breakfast Any More.

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