Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 18

Scene: the hallway or today's version of the O.K. Corral.

It’s a standoff between hubby and the leader of the lawless tile crew. The one who carries a big clipboard. 

Good Husband: "So we'll expect to see the cabinet guys on Thursday."

Clipboard Man: "Oh sure, we've got plenty of time."

Hubby: "Well, he was supposed to start today."

Clipboard Man: "Today? He's starting today?"

Hubby: "No, I said he was supposed to start today, but we had to push it back because your guys laid the wrong tiles. We're about eight days behind schedule."

“Clip,” with a booming, nervous laugh: "Well, hee hee, it's God's decision. Everything happens in its own time."

Our heroine stops pretending like she's working hard at her computer to ponder this.

Sooo … it was God directing the wrong tiles be used.

The toilets not be sealed.

The workers' trousers to succumb to gravity so easily. 

Holy blunders, Batman! That's really gonna jack up the bill!

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment: "God? Do you give AAA discounts?"

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