Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 17

Houston, we have a tile problem.

Hubby was surveying the new tile flooring when he noticed something not quite right ... not quite right, indeed. He said, "They used the wrong tile."  

The statement echoed in both the empty kitchen space and our heroine’s heart as she stood by her man.

"What do you mean?" she whispered. 

It wasn't as if she didn't understand his words; it was believing them that tripped her up. Because the tiles couldn't be wrong. They were already set. They were already in. What God and burping workers had joined together, let no man tear asunder!

Hubby bent down to inspect them more closely. She stood perfectly still. 

Then he retrieved a roll of painter's tape from the living room--oh, this was not good, not good!--and started marking some of the tiles with little torn-off squares of blue.Photo of wrong kitchen tiles marked with blue tape

"See?" he said, pointing with his foot. "This one's correct, but this one's supposed to be for the master bath."

She squinted through her Lasik'd vision to see what he was seeing. But under the yellow glow of the kitchen light, it all looked the same light beige to her. 

He patiently did some more Toe ‘N Tell. Finally she could see the whisper of difference in the hue. Indeed the workers had bypassed the labels on the tile boxes and gone straight for the visual of two tiles that looked almost the same. 


Subsequent and tense phone chats with the project manager produced a compromise: the tile guys would have to fix the areas that would be visible after the cabinetry was in place. 

And so tomorrow the Great Tile Oopsie Redo of 2013 begins.

Silver lining: our brave gal's got a few more days to perfect her toasting talent. 

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: "Hello? People's Court?"

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