Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 16

Two topics come to mind: toilets and tacos. (Not the relationship you might think.) Photo of taco dinner

First the toilets: Our heroine reminded hubby that way back when this all started, the plumber dude had cautioned that when you take a toilet out, it breaks the seal and you need a new seal to avoid leakage.

She'd remembered that ‘cause her ears had perked up at the phrase, "avoid leakage," a life's goal if she'd ever heard one.

So when WTF-man and the latest worker guy she's calling the Last Tile-Man Standing first removed, then re-replaced two of the three toilets without the soothing crinkling sound of a new seal wrapper being opened, she grew a little concerned. 

After all, these were her beloved birthday comfo-toilets; not quite a year old and with plenty of mileage left on 'em.

But not to worry. Hubby was all over her tush's comfort and, well, let's just say, the "O ring" incident is being looked into.

As for the tacos, she'll let the attached picture tell the story. One of their kindhearted friends felt pity on the galloping eat-out gourmets and had them over for a bueno taco dinner, homemade down to the guacamole. 

Thanks goodness, too, because taco shells don't work well in the toaster. And don't even get her started on trying to brown the ground beef.

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: Run for the Border!

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