Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 15

Our heroine cooked today. She toasted bagels for breakfast. Hey, that totally counts!

Of course, first she'd had to find the toaster underneath the plastic sheets protecting all their worldly kitchen goods stacked in the living room. Then the bigger question: Where to plug it in? 

The garage. Seemed safer than any room with carpet or other combustibles.

She set the toaster on the clothes dryer, which was operating at the time. 'Twas a clean, stable surface--plus while hubby’s bagel was toasting, hers was kept warm by the residual dryer heat. Genius.

Flush with success, she planned the rest of the day's menu: lunch at Jerry's Hot Dogs so hubby could get his Memorial Day dog, followed by popcorn appetizer at the movies, then a home-cooked meal at Bagels & Brew near the theater. Rachel Ray would be proud.

And that's exactly what happened, except somehow two mini bundt cakes followed them home.

Tomorrow the construction begins again. 

Who will be ringing the doorbell? The two happy lads with the matching shirts, well-fitting pants and family emergency? Or hard working, mega burping WTF-man? 

Or the project manager herself after getting hubby’s "Dirty Dozen" email complaining about all the recent screw-ups?

It. Just. Got. Interesting!

By the way, and no coincidence, our heroine will be working from her work office tomorrow, away from home base. 

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: Gourmet Toasting Made Easy.

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