Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 14

Hubby said, "So do you think the refrigerator looks good there?"

Our heroine looked at her man with wide eyes, sensing a trick question.

He'd brought in the fridge from the garage to stand proud in its new place on the new tile, ready to be repaired with a new motherboard on Tuesday. He figures once it's fixed it stays put, no more motherboard mishaps due to jostling.

He looks at her expectantly. 

She decides to buy a vowel: "Are you worried there won’t be enough room?"

Yeah, he agrees, opening the refrigerator's right-side door, then bending down to check on the imaginary soufflé in the imaginary oven destined to be across from it.

Despite his expert pantomime, she's still frazzled. This is feeling a little too much like arts and crafts but on a really big scale--and the room is empty of reference points or folded instructions. There's only her hopeful husband's question about appliance placement hanging in the air.

She resorts to the truth: "I want to say the right thing but it's hard to visualize it without anything here."

He assures her there's no right or wrong and answer.

Ah ha! It was a trick question! 

"I think it'll be fine," she assures him back. He nods, not quite convinced but happy for her participation.  

She smiles. Maybe just participating is the right answer after all.

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment when hubby asks the traditional Memorial Day question: "Honey, where are the hot dogs?" Her traditional reply: "Someone else's house."

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