Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 13

The king of the kitchen-less castle is back and not a moment too soon. For hug-a-roo reasons, of course, but also to avoid and abort a near tile tragedy.

It should be explained at this point that his royal hubby highness had decided that since they were taking the kitchen down to the studs and rebuilding, why not do a little overflow construction to the two bathrooms? Nothing major, just a tile and shower facelift. Counters and cabinetry, already fairly new, could remain intact.


So back to our story. Seems the small tile sample hubby and our heroine had selected for the guest bathroom didn't show off a splotchy pattern that appears on most of the tile stack ready to be installed. He found this plus a dozen other finger-wagging errors that had either happened while he was away or were poised to detonate.Photo of finished kitchen tile

Leaving our heroine wondering if she'd, wow, been asleep or watching too many Sex and the City reruns while he was away.

But then she remembered she'd managed not to burn the house down and felt a little better. 

Of course, she probably shouldn't have given WTF-Man that cold can of Coke yesterday afternoon. Dude could belch like nobody's business, no communication gap there.

But again: home alone, house intact; let's count our blessings. 

Tune in tomorrow for our next exciting installment: Burping and Other Cultural Ways to Say "Thank You."

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