Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 12

Busy day today: primping, cleaning, comfort eating in anticipation of the man of the castle's return. A good friend’s coming by at 1:45 p.m. to relieve our hero of duty while she runs to the airport to pick up hubby. 

Yesterday's WTF-Man, a dude of few words and facial expressions, arrived early at 8:30 a.m. He took one look at the sewer hole's box-top “condom” then glanced at our heroine with an expression worthy of his nickname.

She wanted to say, "Look, dudio, imagine my shock and awe last night!" But she held back, making at least one, and probably several of you, proud. 

And to make the rest of you not so proud, she has to confess that the burning smell earlier this morning was due to her leaving an empty tea mug on the electric Mr. Coffee mug warmer for far too long. (There really needs to be a safety switch on that thing, just sayin'... )

But since it IS a busy day, she thought she'd jot down these musings early, and end on a fun note with her sister-in-law’s reply to yesterday's message:

We are hoping to buy our next home for way below market value and remodel it to our liking, so we are learning from your brave adventures:

  • Need to have camera handy
  • Need belts to hold up workers' pants
  • Need box tops for sewer breach events
  • Need plenty of hand weights (check, we've got 'em and are ready)
  • Need to have us both in town for the entire duration of remodeling

Tune in tomorrow for our next exciting installment: Sewer Hole Box-Top Condoms--Find Them on eBay!

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