Kitchen Renovation for a Noncook - Day 1

Our heroine stumbles bleary-eyed into the kitchen in search of her morning cup of tea.

Everything has changed.Photo of kitchen prepped for makeover

Drawers are empty, table tops are full and the electric tea kettle is MIA.

She rouses the usual suspect: "Tell me where the tea kettle is or I'm off the island."

It's in the office, hubby says, ready for her use.


Next challenge: Where the hell are the spoons? 

She searches the clutter on the kitchen table, hitting her head (ow!) on the hanging ceiling lamp because now there are no bumper chairs around the table to keep her at a safe distance.Photo of kitchen prepped for makeover

Three minutes later she hits the stupid lamp again because three minutes isn't enough time to remember there are no bumper chairs around the table to keep her at a safe distance.

But she finds a spoon. 

She makes her morning-writing tea in the home office, boiling water in the teakettle set optimistically on top of a low bookshelf. Look at her, she’s camping.

Cup in hand, she sits down to write.

Only now she's exhausted.

Tune in for tomorrow's next exciting installment: In Search of a Napkin.

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